Symposium 2017

JOLT Special Symposium on Private Law and Intellectual Property

The 2017 Symposium on Private Law and IP involved both a conference and a series of short articles that analyze the intersection of private law and intellectual property. The conference, sponsored by Harvard Law School’s Project on the Foundations of Private Law, met in March 2016. The scholars who were in attendance completed fourteen papers that explore many of the topics discussed at the conference, which were published in January 2017.  These papers can be accessed below:

Intellectual Property and the New Private Law
Henry E. Smith

The Paradox of IP
Tun-Jen Chiang

Private Law and the Future of Patents
Oskar Liivak

Disciplining the Dead Hand of Copyright: Durational Limits on Remote Control Property
Molly S. Van Houweling

Vested Use-Privileges in Property and Copyright
Christopher M. Newman

Pragmatism, Perspective, and Trade: AD/CVD, Patents, and Antitrust as Mostly Private Law
Hon. F. Scott Kieff

Why Is Everyone Afraid of IP Licensing?
Jonathan M. Barnett

Empowering Inventors
Karen Sandrik

Opportunistic Free and Open Source Software Development Pathways
Greg R. Vetter

Can Exclusive Licensees Sue for Infringement of Licensed IP Rights?: A Case Study Confirming The Need To Create Global IP Licensing Rules
Jacques de Werra

From Private Ordering to Public Law: The Legal Frameworks Governing Standards-Essential Patents
Jorge L. Contreras

Towards Patent Standardization
Janet Freilich & Jay P. Kesan

Reasonable Certainty In Contract and Patent Damages
John M. Golden

Patents, Prizes, and Property
Ted Sichelman