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Introducing JOLT Digest Commentary


On behalf of the JOLT Digest team, I am happy to announce that we are formally launching our new platform to host content from practitioners, professors, and non-lawyers: Digest Commentary. Digest Commentary is a platform for authors to advance opinions, offer primers, or respond to JOLT publications.

For years, JOLT Digest has been JOLT's online-only companion and has provided our readership with timely updates about and new perspectives on recent developments in technology law. Our subject matter has been expansive, touching topics such as privacy, security, AI, IP, and free speech. However, recently our writing opportunities have been preserved for students. With the launch of Digest Commentary, we open a new writing channel for readers and community members.

Our inaugural Comment is CyberLaw, 25 years later: Innovation, transformation, and an emerging backlash, written by Jonathan Rosenoer. We have several more in the works, covering topics such as AI, copyright, PACER, and more. 

If you are interested in publishing a Comment with JOLT Digest, please review our Commentator's Guide and submit an idea or a completed draft for consideration to Filippo A. Raso, JOLT Digest's Executive Editor, at